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The Dream


"So this is what it feels like when a dream comes true!" I wrote those words in my diary, shaken by the rapid events that had taken place in just a few short days.

Twelve years earlier, Tom and I had formed a dream - to one day buy a sailing boat and cross the oceans. We didn't have a dime to our name and we were just kids but the dream was strong and the plan was simple. We would build a business of some sort, get the money and go.

Years passed by and building a business to profit turned out not to be so easy. Instead of gaining money, we were losing it and our boat was just a vague shadow on an uncertain horizon.

One of those endless days of struggle, on a gray and rainy autumn evening, we went to a bar to relieve pressure from the day's work. In there, displayed behind a glass screen, was a model of an ancient ship. "Come have a look," Tom said. "It's Columbus' boat." I stared at it in awe and then realized, "That's it," I said, "that's the name of our boat - Santa Maria."
The dream began to come alive again.. Breathing life into itself day by day.. Yours can too.

The year was 1987, we had a dream, we had a name but we still had no boat. Instead, our struggles took us through life in a rather dramatic way, to places we hadn't planned and situations we hadn't anticipated. Pursuing a dream proved tough, extremely tough, but also empowering, joyful and educational.

Now, as I wrote the words in my diary, it was 1998, more than 10 years later. We had gained other priorities but we had not forgot the dream of our youth. We weren't millionaires yet but we had some funds saved and suddenly there was a picture ad of a boat in the paper.

It was nothing fancy - an OŽDay coastal cruiser, 37 feet, 20 years old. In our visions, we had expected to wait for something flashier, something grander. But here she was and she was only $30,000 dollars. We realized that this was our chance. We were going on a dangerous climbing expedition the next year. Climbing high mountains had taught us that life can end anytime. Therefore, dreams should not be kept on hold. We had to go. And we had to go now!

It took just a few days of inspections and negotiating. And finally, one evening, we assembled our friends and family in our kitchen. We raised a toast to a long time dream of two people finally come true: To Santa Maria.



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