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YouŽll need papers for the boat and sometimes licenses to operate and buy a VHF and short wave radios. To obtain those certificates you might be required to attend a few marine classes. They take around a week or so, do them well in time. Check with your boat dealer or a Marina.

The papers for the boat will work as a "passport" for the vessel and should include an proof of ownership with the boats name on, a description of data's such as tonnage, height and other. For launches, it is also good to have a snapshot of the hull and keel.

Be sure to obtain the visas required depending on your route. YouŽll be checking in and out of foreign ports and they will need clear papers, your passport and sometimes a declaration of your valuables for customs. A crew list with passport numbers could also be required. Usually, the procedure is quick and simple, providing you have your papers in order.

Luckily, cruising the world is still a pretty uncomplicated procedure. Paperwork will be pretty simple, your headaches will rather come from reading manuals, and replacing failing parts at Tonga.



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